Company profile


—— Company profile ——

We have one-stop innovative research capabilities in hardware design, embedded development, application design, cloud services, and mass production.

Shenzhen InhuaSoft Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on R & D design, production and sales of intelligent hardware, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and digital audio products. The company also provides integrated solutions for hardware, software, applications, and services. Since its establishment, the company has been focusing on the innovation of software and hardware technology services such as intelligent vision and intelligent voice, and is committed to the requirements of "Display + AI" to accelerate the integration of intelligent technology and life. The company's existing R & D design team has developed a variety of innovative, open, and simple high-performance product solutions, which are widely used in smart finance, education, medical, retail and other industries. At the same time, the company is also officially authorized IDH and strategic partner of RockChip

 —— Technical Skills —— 

We have one-stop innovative research capabilities in hardware design, embedded development, application design, cloud services, and mass production.





Hardware design

Embedded Development

System Customization

Application Development

Rich experience in circuit design, PCB Layout, product certification, mass production.

Years of experience in embedded design and driver development

Professional in porting, optimization and customization of Linux, Android and other operating systems.

Years of experience in Android, iOS, Linux application software and web front-end development.

——Development path——

2020.02 Facial recognition + thermal imaging temperature measurement equipment began mass production, and increased R & D personnel and sales staff expansion.

The developed Nantian Bank mobile back clip won the bid of Agricultural Bank of China and began mass production and shipment.

2019.07 Operation with self-service cash register manufacturers Android self-service cash register and won the bid of Luckin coffee cash register

2019.06 The face recognition and access control integrated machine developed with customers started mass production and successfully landed in multiple projects

2019.04 Established a subsidiary, Shangdi Intelligent Technology, to develop intelligent self-service equipment motherboards

2018.11 Hanwang's China Mobile business hall self-service vending machine begins mass production and shipment

2018.10 Facial recognition motherboard mass production and shipment, Nantian Information project successfully mass production and began shipping.

2018.06 Development of face recognition motherboards and applications

2018.03   Launched a professional team responsible for the development of intelligent self-service terminal equipment of Nantian and Hanwang.

——Team concept——

"Make technology simpler and make life smarter" is the concept of the Inhua team. Inhua hopes that through innovative, open and simple hardware platforms with software technology and cloud services, the development of scientific and technological products will become efficient and simple Voice and intelligent vision are better integrated into life.


—— Widely used  ——

Inhua product solutions are widely used in artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, smart cities, smart homes, face detection and recognition, artificial intelligence services, voice recognition, cloud services, etc.